Midweek Devotion #2

July 15, 2015

One of the first words I remember learning in confirmation class was worship. I still have the copy of Luther’s Small Catechism, in which I wrote what the word “worship” meant: worth-ship.

These many years later I came across a definition similar to the one I was taught, but with a slightly different cast:

The bond of unity in a church is not shared belief but shared worship. Worship (worth-ship) is an act of reverence for what is regarded as of great, or supreme, worth. In the ultimate analysis this is but another way of capturing the real meaning of love. What is of real worth to us, in the full sense, we cannot help but love. Love is reverence for life.

—Philip Hewett, Canadian Unitarian minister, as found in A Chosen Faith: An Introduction to Unitarian Universalism

A Worthy Reverence

A Worthy Reverence

Take a GoodMinute:

What is of real worth to you?

What captures the essence of love for you?

To what do we owe our best worth-ship?


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