Coming To Terms

Midweek Devotion #4

Welcome, or unwelcome, agreeable, or disagreeable, whether this shall be an entire slave nation, is the issue before us.
Abraham Lincoln, ca. May 18, 1858 Fragment of a Speech

Imagine if Lincoln said these words today, sitting where he sits in the photo next to a white person regarding a black person, watching how the nation continues to struggle with racism.

Perhaps he would change the word “slave” to “systematically racist.” But the force of his comment would be the same.

With the Emancipation Proclamation, Lincoln began something that still isn’t over. The story is still being told, of freedom, of equality and justice, of repairing the history of systematic racism and the generational effects it has had, of recognizing the way that the criminal justice system continues to perpetuate modern-day lynching, the way mass incarceration continues to segregate communities.

Systematic racism. We are still coming to terms with what it means.

Take a GoodMinute:

What is systematic racism?

How am I involved in systematic racism?

Can I learn more about the intentional, ongoing caste system in America from resources such as Michelle Alexander’s The New Jim Crow or Ta’Nahesi Coates’s The Case For Reparations?


Coming To Terms


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