Divine Breath

Midweek Devotion #6

August 12, 2015

The Ruach Elohim [Spirit of God/ Divine Breath] hovered over the deep.

—Genesis 1:2

The Hebrew word Ruach means both spirit and breath. It captures of the concept of the Spirit which hovering over the earth, over the formless waters of the deep, breathing life into them.

Consciousness of breath is an awareness of body and of spirit; mediative practice puts us in touch with our breath. The energetic breath connects us to the energetic flow of the universe, which brings us to healing and worthiness. We breathe into our pain, physical and emotional, and release it with our exhale. Energy back to energy.

When we empty the mind and empty the self, we become like the formless deep, ready to receive the larger awareness present in the cosmos.

May Ruach come and give us shape, give our body its life, and give our life its divine breath.

"Consciousness" by Edward Obermueller. Oil on Canvas, 2012.

“Consciousness” by Edward Obermueller. Oil on Canvas, 2012.

Take a GoodMinute

  1. Breathe in, and let the exhale out very slowly. We are at our most released state at the end of our exhale. Feel this release. Let tension flow out.
  2. Repeat for 10 minutes, pulling your mind back in to the breath when it wants to go away to other things. Allow your consciousness to stay on the breath.
  3. Be aware during the day of the quality of your breath. When stress arises, when you are speaking, when emotions are there, stop. Take a breath and let the exhale all the way out. Then continue.
  4. Resolve in this moment to be aware, and to take note of the way this practice impacts your day.

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