Sinking Into the Joyful

Midweek Devotion #8

August 26, 2015

To let ourselves sink into the joyful moments of our lives even though we know that they are fleeting, even though the world tells us not to be too happy lest we invite disaster—that’s an intense form of vulnerability.

—Brené Brown, Daring Greatly

Family reunion season is winding down. Many of us have found ways to be together with people we haven’t seen in years. I was grateful to be a part of a wedding at the other end of the country, and reconnect with important people from my childhood, people who I love and who love me.

Family Pose

Family Pose

Yet we sometimes hold ourselves back. How much do we give, how connected do we allow ourselves to be when we know we will not see people again for another year or more? I love Brené Brown’s phrase, “sink into the joyful moments.” In her research she found that people are very afraid of that, because of the immediate anxiety that follows. We fear the loss of such moments.

Since my own children do not live with me, I have learned to let myself sink in to the joyful with them. Probably because I recognize that the time is fleeting, I find ways to be more present to them while we are together.

It is because there is an end that our time together is so potent.

I believe this is a very mindful state to achieve: letting the joyful sink in, being vulnerable to loss and ending, embracing the whole of presence and absence together.

Take a GoodMinute:

Where do I hold back for fear of loss?

What are my family reunions like? Where do I hold back?


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