No Day Shall Erase You

No day shall erase you from the memory of time. —Virgil

Nearly 3,000 squares commemorating those who died on 9/11

Nearly 3,000 squares for those who died, each a memory of the color of the sky

A blue mosaic covers one wall. Made of simple squares of paper, each 12″ watercolor is a depiction of a memory, of the color of the sky on September 11, 2001.

Pieces of the metal girders have been folded and forged together in a quote by Virgil, echoing the way great sacrifices are commemorated and point the way for a nation.

Resurrection In Silver

Resurrection In Silver

A silvery material covers the underground foundation of another set of walls. As though they have been resurrected, the foundations of the twin towers function as fountains outside and monuments inside. They shine and sparkle with new bodies.

The twisted remains of one signal tower remind me of a fossilized sea creature uncovered from the deep.

When I took my children to the 9/11 memorial a few weeks ago, it made an impression on all of us. It was a quiet, moving experience, and never too intense or overwhelming (something a parent worries about). Rather, it educated us all and celebrated the many things that need to be celebrated: lives, families, community, memory, service.

No single video, audio, or image demands more than a few minutes of attention, and yet we stood riveted, watching a news clip or a picture of New York and the people experiencing that day.

A favorite item for us was an interactive kiosk, where we could write a message in

9/11 Hope

9/11 Hope

graffiti style and then see it projected onto the building.

I highly recommend a trip to this memorial. I felt a part of the living memory, and was glad to help my kids understand it as well.

Signal Tower

Signal Tower

Take a GoodMinute:

  • Have you been here? What was it like for you?
  • Why is it valuable for us to share this kind of thing with our children, parents, and family?
Footprint Fountain. The falling water disappears into a hole, like the lives that disappeared

Footprint Fountain. The falling water disappears into a hole, like the lives that disappeared


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