what you write on the body


Weekend Reading

Who knew it would take precisely two years from that trip to realize that I was living a life that was slowly killing me? That I was no longer driven by greed? That I wanted to live a life of my own design? That year was one of the worst I’ll know because in the span of a few months I left my job, my beloved Sophie grew sick and died, and I relapsed. Who knew that this journey into the dark, the deep, deep dark, would deliver me into light?

Since GoodMinute is about being honest, self-reflective and about coming back to earth emotionally and spiritually, I think it appropriate to share this post. It is refreshingly relevant, and will help anyone struggling with body image or body issues to reframe the issue.

As an artist and photographer whose subject matter is often the figure, I want to be sure that women are respected and made more confident, not less. Art should help us form better images of what is good, healthy, and beautiful. The photos here do just that.

Thank you, Felicia at live.life.eat for your courage, strength and beauty in being willing to share this.

Enjoy: what you write on the body


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