My Introduction to Atheism

The atheist’s way is a beautiful way, a truthful way, and it may very well prove to be the only way for our species to have a fighting chance for survival. —Eric Maisel, “The Atheists Way”

My first introduction to Atheism came from Eric Maisel’s The Atheists Way.

The book almost jumped off the shelf at me. I was curiously roaming around the bookstore, looking for something to study, something I hadn’t read before. I wanted something that would challenge me, speak to me where I was.

I was a pastor. I didn’t know what to think of it, but I was quite surprised. Its tone was not angry or belligerent. It simply made statements such as “we make our own meaning,” and “the atheist’s way is a beautiful way.” It also pointed out that in order for us to survive, we have to take the power of religious beliefs out of the hands of those who would kill and terrorize in its name.

While I didn’t subscribe to the argument at the time, I could see its logic, its validity as a frame of mind, for the first time. I was glad to read a book about it by someone who seemed calm, wise, and understanding. He articulated a moral universe to me, and led me to see at least the possibility of life without a god.

The Atheist’s Way opened the door for me to consider atheism more seriously, as a vehicle for living a happy, fulfilled life. I’m glad I read it, you should too.

A Surprising Read

A Surprising Read

When you hear the word “atheist” what comes to mind?

Where do you find meaning, beauty, and ultimate fulfillment?

I would love to hear your comments about The Atheists Way, and start a conversation about it on this blog!

Learn more about Eric Maisel and his work on depression and creativity

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