Living in the World of Cause and Effect

Midweek Devotion

November 5, 2015

We have true power when we learn how to live in the world of cause and effect.

Every religious person, even the most literal-minded fundamentalist, must of necessity live in the world of cause and effect. They must do it daily. The Bible can’t tell us how to make breakfast, replace the broken furnace, navigate in traffic, or help our kids with their math homework. Not to mention larger issues we face like understanding financial markets or finding a cure for Ebola. The Bible has no idea what to do (besides pray) when a child has Asperger’s, or when our hard drive crashes, or when our spouse is dealing with depression.

Who Placed The Rocks?

Who Placed The Rocks?

In each case we must act in the real world. We leave behind the world of fantasy and pay attention to the world of cause and effect.

This is hard to do.

We want badly for there to be a powerful personal agency behind it all, reminding us of its purpose, comforting us when we stumble, and giving our emotions some kind of anchor.

By applying my creativity to the real world I discovered an important spiritual truth: the agency is inside of us. We get to live within the cause and effect of the universe.

The inner workings of the cosmos, are the inner workings of me!

Take a GoodMinute

How can I find my own personal agency today?

Why do we look for personal agency (or god) outside of ourselves?


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