What we mean by “god”

Midweek Devotion

December 2, 2015

Labyrinth, Origin ©Edward Obermueller 2015

Labyrinth, Origin ©Edward Obermueller 2015

The devotion was admittedly a bit long last week, so here’s a shorter one, starting with a great comment from a reader:

Funny I always seem to agree with every atheistic dialog, except when it comes to believing in a god .ie:( I do believe in a god). I do see my self/soul as part of a god therefore I also see something godlike outside of me.

—Colleen Mccormick-Hanson

Colleen, I appreciate your outlook, because I experience that feeling too, and I wonder: are we describing something cosmic, something unobservable about the inner life of the universe, that is “out there” as well “in here”? If we are using the word “god” to describe this feeling of connectedness to the whole, I would say I was a believer.

Take a GoodMinute

What is the connection between “out there” and “in here.”

Is religion really about connecting? To the larger whole, to the synergy of the universe, to each other?

What do you mean by “god”?


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