Experiencing the Shift

I’ve been privileged to have had many years of experience as both an oil painter and a violinist. I’ve gotten to see up close how those creative disciplines help people attain peace of mind, and in turn, make progress with themselves. As I’ve gotten to do more teaching of kids and adults, both teaching drawing and violin, I have seen some truly amazing things when it comes to personal transformation and growth.

I don’t want to just promote a sort of vague “artsy” creativity. What I want to do instead is to help people experience the shift into the Right Brain, and then connect that to how to find more grounded, aware, peace-filled state. I believe this is the first step toward making real change in the world.

What kind of change? The right-brain codes for living things rather than non-living. It sees things as subjects, not subjects as things. In other words, the left brain tends to treat everything and everyone as a “thing,” a  tool to be used. The right brain tends to treat everything and everyone as a living being, with a sort of personhood or self. The right brain acknowledges that others exist apart from the “I.”


Compass of the Whole

The right brain situates within the whole, its compass points outward to what is good for the whole, rather than how it can use an object for its own good.

Take a GoodMinute

How can we turn on our right brain more?

How important it is to teach the shift to the right brain?

How crucial it is to see others as “ends in themselves” as the philosopher Immanuel Kant put it, and not just as means to an end?



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