The Reason You Are Tired

Feeling exhausted? It’s important to know the reason.

I’ve taken some time off of this blog, because I have been starting a new business. Now, in addition to my full-time violin teaching, I am a fundraising and performance coach. I didn’t intend to add this business, but I have a paying client, and I needed to make everything legal.

So I’ve been going faster and farther every day. I hit a wall this week, began to feel like I was over-reaching. Waking tired every morning, not much fun.

Sometimes being tired is a good thing. After a good rejuvenating workout, for example, the feeling of being spent is a healthy state and can last all day in returned energy.

Other times tiredness is a sign of ill health, especially if chronic or recurring.

I’ve felt both. In this case my tiredness is simply from pursuing big goals. I wrote this in my journal today:

Remember the reason you are tired. You are pushing ahead, you are building a life, you are realizing a vision. You’ve already come so far, done what others can’t or won’t. The reason are willing to keep working is that you believe in making a difference.


2 thoughts on “The Reason You Are Tired

  1. This is a great thought on being tired. If our tiredness comes from working toward something we believe in we are in a good place. Too often tiredness exists from poor choices that do not propel us forward. Choices such as staying up late watching movies and making unhealthy eating choices.


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