Mastery: Living the Highest You

Author Glenn Berkenkamp has written a marvelous book called Mastery: Living the Highest You. It was given to me recently as a gift.

He describes the process of receiving both the form and content of the book in a state of deep relaxation. It is a small book with only a sentence or phrase on each page, about self-mastery.

Here are some examples:

A Master loves unconditionally.

A Master allows herself to be guided by the quiet voice of her spirit.

A Master knows she is more than the habits and fears that may have governed her for years.

A Master understands there is no value in judging himself or others.

A Master acknowledges the worth and value of each moment.

Birkenkamp recommends to read the book through, to get a sense of the scope and range of the topic of mastery. Then the book may be used as a reference, guide, or devotional source.

In the next several posts I want to dwell on certain of these phrases, but I want to give due credit here to Berkenkamp and recommend that you look him up and get this book.


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