A Lot Less To Worry About

A Master trusts that all his needs will be met at the appropriate time.

This is truly a hard one for me.

Often I distrust humanity, distrust the universe, distrust life, that it has anything in store for me, that it aims to provide for me in any way. This is probably because I have had to scrape pennies together to survive. This is probably also because I did not get some of my emotional needs met by belief in God, and had to look elsewhere.

I read a lot of marketing literature. People who are entrepreneurs tend to be very mistrustful of others who don’t work, or whom they perceive as lazy or making different choices.

I’ve heard it called “constructive paranoia”, the idea that a bit of worry about letting down your hair is a good thing, because it keeps you from becoming complacent. It’s a useful trait. But it also can veer into the cruelly judgmental.

I think this stems from a basic lack of trust in the Being of things. When we think that the source of our survival, prosperity, and safety comes from our own hard work and our own choices, we place ourselves at the absolute epicenter. Then this equation rules: “If I don’t X, then I won’t get Y .”

If I don’t work, I will not eat. If I don’t get paid, I will lose my house. If I don’t stay on high alert at all times, I will miss an email, drop a ball, which will lead to losing my job, or my relationships. People won’t value me, they will stop paying attention…and my needs won’t get met.

What if our needs are met by a source other than our own choices?

Do our actions result in outcomes or are they already an outcome of other causes? If the latter, we have a lot less to worry about.

Can we execute tasks, and relate to other people, not out of worry or distrust, but out of a feeling of participation in the whole? If so, we have a lot less to worry about.

Perhaps our needs are being met through our work, rather than as a result of our work.

We still need to act, but the action takes place from a different starting point. For some this starting point is God. His grace, mercy, forgiveness, and love. Others find these qualities in the larger consciousness, in the great mystery of the universe itself.

Perhaps the universe (God) arrives to meet our needs when we allow it (him) space in which to do so. Such allowing is called trust.

A Master trusts that all his needs will be met at the appropriate time.

I take a deep breath, and let that one sink in.


Quote from Mastery by Glenn Berkenkamp

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