The Divine Feminine

A Master acknowledges the divine feminine

The Divine Feminine is in both men and women, as is the Divine Masculine. I think of the divine feminine principle as characterized by the following:

  • Open like a vessel or cup
  • Deep listening
  • Harmony with others, adaptation
  • Cosmic consciousness
  • Identification with nature
  • Collective, communitarian
  • Nurture and healing of wounds
  • Emotional connection

A Master knows it is time now for the energies of the feminine to be brought forth to balance the energies of the masculine.

The divine masculine is also present in both men and women, and is characterized by:

  • Closed, focused attention,
  • Projected activity, like an arrow
  • Advancing of strategy and plans
  • Technological consciousness
  • Separation from nature
  • Individuality
  • Fortitude, stoicism over wounds
  • Intellectual connection

My experience is that everyone has a mixture of several traits from each list. But I believe that, in fact, we are living in an age when the deep openness and receptivity of the feminine principle is coming to the fore.

When society is only focused on the divine masculine, it gets lopsided.

An overfocus on individual progress and technological advancement, for example, leads to the gradual suppression of qualities that bind us to each other and to the world, and instead promotes using the earth and the less fortunate as tools for one’s own advancement.

Fortitude and stoicism are good qualities in a soldier, but without nurture and healing, we would all die an early death. As both men and women learn to become more empathic and receptive, our world will become a more peaceful place.

As an artist, I have come to realize that only a subtle combination of these two forces, like a yin-yang, leads to true creativity. We must passively channel the cosmos AND we must focus energy and project self-identity outward. We must listen AND we must speak. We connect for time and then we separate for a time.

In order to depict an emotion, there must be some distance from it. In order to relate to another, we must both identify and remove. This ability both to connect and to separate is a sublime quality of human consciousness, and represents the highest form of evolution.

How can we connect today in a higher sense to both the divine masculine and the divine feminine?  Where are they out of balance?


Quotes from Mastery by Glenn Berkenkamp

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