Clinton, The Rational Choice

So I feel the need, as the final days approach, to say my piece about Hillary Clinton, and why she is the RATIONAL choice. I want to stay away from personal feelings here, and stand on the ground that there are actually certain facts that are verifiable.

1. Her record as a Senator is exemplary. She contributed to pass many bills and in doing so won over people on the other side like John McCain and Orrin Hatch. She could have adopted a more confrontational or grandstanding style, but she put her head down and worked. I challenge you to find a non-partisan report of her record as a senator and study it, to see what she actually did.
2. She’s demonstrated willingness to do the humble thing and reach out. There is actual recorded evidence of this, that’s not just someone’s opinion. She’s actually much better at it than Obama, who tended to be an army of one, “you come to me” style. And clearly better than Trump, who only talks of destroying political enemies and even jailing them.
3. For anyone who believes in hard work and earning your way, Clinton is again the logical choice. Since the time Bill Clinton left office, she has done nothing but earn her stripes working as a public servant. You know well enough that there are lots of people out there who would malign you in an instant just because they disagreed with you, without looking thoroughly at what you actually DID. Whereas Trump, the more you look at what he actually DID, the less he looks like a public servant. He defrauds people in business, he is a tax evader, he gambles other people’s money. That’s not honest, hard work! He represents the opposite of those values: elitist control of other people, not doing work yourself.
4. The evidence and the record point to competence in the public sector, knowledge of how it works, including on the global stage, for Clinton, not Trump. You may not agree with the policies Clinton carried out under Obama, but the fact is she carried out what the president wanted, again putting her head down and working for a former political rival. That’s something we haven’t seen practically since the Lincoln administration! That shows diplomacy and humility combined with shrewd strength, in actuality a rare combination of skill set and character.
5. Hillary Clinton knows business. She has been roundly criticized on the left, right, and center for her familiarity and connection to Wall Street. But look: both politicians and business people at every level know that you need to get to know each other and do each other favors otherwise no consensus is ever reached about anything. She knows how to do that, how to pull the levers. You may not like that she is shrewd and that the Clintons know how to pull in money. But there’s always a way to paint someone as evil. The reality is that real estate people in NYC won’t touch Trump because of his business failings, and his well-known lack of behaving as a respectable business person, and lack of interest in really listening to or working with anyone. Clinton is the rational choice for the businessperson, not Trump.
6. A great deal of the negativity surrounding Clinton, having to do with emails, Benghazi, being a public defender in a rape case, attacking women who came after Bill, etc., may have some merit, but I believe a large portion of it has been overblown. It is political theater. When you look up the details, you don’t come away with a surefire “she’s a criminal” conclusion that the hard right seems to. Chanting “lock her up” and talking about impeachment even before the election takes place? While the other candidate may actually go to jail for fraud, or child sexual molestation? That’s simply not rational.
Standing on the rational choice, I stand for Clinton.

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