Sparkling Eyes, Good Posture

The warrior’s virtue or decency comes from this basic sense of well-being, free from any neurotic or habitual preoccupations. Decency here expresses a sense of joy, the joy of living, the joy of being alive.

So there is more to fearlessness than merely having overcome fear. Beyond that, when we speak of fearlessness, we are describing a positive state of being full of delight and cheerfulness, with sparkling eyes and good posture.

from Chögyam Trungpa, “Smile At Fear”

Try it – take your thumb, press it against your breastbone, and raise your chest up by an inch.

Just an inch!

An inch is all it takes to change your world, because an upright posture will release tension in your back and, as Trungpa points out, bring a degree of cheerfulness and fearlessness.

When I run my posture naturally improves. It raises up in just this same manner. No wonder I feel better afterward!



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