What does it mean to be good?

What does it mean to be good?

Good Minute is about exactly that – taking a minute to reconnect with (and perhaps redefine) what’s good.

For me, this used to mean a devotion about God. Now, it means something different. It is about how I have come to understand spirituality without a god. It could include a reflection on religious feeling or experience, but it could also include many other sources for encouragement and the search for truth.

I hope to share on a wide array of topics, interests, and experiences, such as my journey out of Lutheranism and into Unitarian Universalism, my love of art and music, commentary on books and film, and many other areas as they pertain to the flourishing of the human spirit.

We are all spiritual. I want a very wide umbrella for what that can mean. To me, it includes everything that makes us our highest selves, realizes our highest potential, and causes us to contemplate and act on our best principles.

My purpose for this blog is to contribute to other’s journey by sharing my own, but not to simply engage in vanity publishing. I won’t rant, vent, or simply think out loud. I want to provide a genuine, authentic, and unique place for people to stop and reconnect.

I hope you’ll join me in the journey.


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