The Great Eastern Sun

Imagine the sun rising.

At first it seems weak, then it becomes stronger and stronger as the morning goes on. Soon it is shining with great power.

So it is when we find our genuine wholeness. It may seem a weak thread, but getting comfortable in your own skin, finding your own unique strength and letting that shine, you will grow into great power.

A genuine sense of self, and of trust in one’s place in the universe, is like the sun in many ways. It is a gentle source of energy and renewal, as well as a natural cycle. Sometimes it is occluded by clouds, or hidden at night, but always there.

Let the Great Eastern Sun rise in your heart, and in your head. In this way your wholeness will bring you peace, energy and renewal.


The Reason You Are Tired

Feeling exhausted? It’s important to know the reason.

I’ve taken some time off of this blog, because I have been starting a new business. Now, in addition to my full-time violin teaching, I am a fundraising and performance coach. I didn’t intend to add this business, but I have a paying client, and I needed to make everything legal.

So I’ve been going faster and farther every day. I hit a wall this week, began to feel like I was over-reaching. Waking tired every morning, not much fun.

Sometimes being tired is a good thing. After a good rejuvenating workout, for example, the feeling of being spent is a healthy state and can last all day in returned energy.

Other times tiredness is a sign of ill health, especially if chronic or recurring.

I’ve felt both. In this case my tiredness is simply from pursuing big goals. I wrote this in my journal today:

Remember the reason you are tired. You are pushing ahead, you are building a life, you are realizing a vision. You’ve already come so far, done what others can’t or won’t. The reason are willing to keep working is that you believe in making a difference.