Violins Not Guns

It’s hard to kill someone with a violin.

What if we had more violins and fewer guns?

The vision of Suzuki was to create a world full of beautiful hearts, nurtured by love. He believed we could save the world if we reared more children in the language of music.

People with the character and temperament of a musician seek to harmonize, not destroy. They also have a robust sense of discipline and action. They are not passive or milk toast. They’ll defend you from the inside out.

Imagine: Concealed or open carry, it doesn’t matter if it isn’t a gun. That guy in the subway with the case – what’s inside? An instrument of healing and transformation, not death and destruction. He’ll kill you with kindness.

Let’s make them an offer they can’t refuse. Violins, not guns.



Open Letter to the NJ Governor

Dear Governor Christie:

I am writing as a father, concerned citizen, and representative member of the Unitarian Universalist faith tradition, which upholds the dignity and worth of every human being, and wishes to see social justice in action in our state.

I also represent the Gun Violence Prevention task force of the UULMNJ – Unitarian Universalist Legislative Ministry of New Jersey.

Our goal on the GVP task force is not to “control” guns or take them away from law-abiding citizens, but rather to work to prevent gun violence, a very different aim.

The New Jersey Assembly passed A. 4126 (keeping firearms away from those convicted of domestic violence) by an overwhelming bipartisan majority last week (60-2). The companion bill previously passed the Senate unanimously.

Please sign A. 4126, denying firearms to those who commit domestic violence. This is one way to make progress on an issue that is admittedly fraught with controversy, but that needs the attention of our public servants and state leaders in order to move forward.

Lives that will be lost if perpetrators of domestic violence are permitted to have firearms.

You have promised to sign this compromise bill. Now I call upon you to keep your promise and sign A. 4126, which will protect the lives of the many women and children who are victims of domestic abuse.

These women and children have no say in what their physically powerful male abusers can and will do to them, especially after they try to report behavior. When an individual is acting in anger and with physical force, he will often punish even those he claims to love, if they talk to anyone or go to the police.

Mandatory firearm removal from these individuals is one more common sense step to take in protecting those who find themselves trapped in this frightening and life-threatening situation.

I ask you again to please sign A. 4126 into law to reduce gun violence and protect the citizens of our state.