Strong for deliciousness

Is the flesh so weak
Or is it simply strong for
All deliciousness?

A friend of mine wrote this haiku in response to an assignment from a reading group we both belong to. We wanted to write some haiku after reading Krista Tippett’s chapter called “Words” in Becoming Wise: An Inquiry Into The Mystery And Art Of Living.

Here are some others, written by members of the same group.

Inspired by dogs:

My name is Xena
Must paw must paw must paw must
Get your attention.

By an OR nurse:

small pink intestines
bubble out of the body
I kind of like it

One who works in Manhattan (and thinks of the recent election):

These city streets lie
But not like he who roamed them
Thinking he owned them

I found it illuminating not only to hear the haikus, but to hear from people in the group how they were heard. We all admitted it was fun, and we want to explore doing it again. Highly recommended for a group activity!

In the next post I’ll share some of my own haiku from this assignment.